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Gifts for girls (meant for men) (Nia)

Hey everyone! Since it's december already, I thought a lot of people, mostly men, would be struggling to find the perfect gift for a girl, thus I have decided to help them out ^_^.

Now there are a lot of wonderful stuff you can gift  a girl and since the list is endless I have made some assumption. Usually a christmas gift is meant for a person whom you know really well and usually it's a family member or a gf/fianc√©/wife, thus the budget is a tad larger than usual friend gifts, however, very expensive stuff are left out. Also to really make it easy for men I will both include price, shipping costs, and where you can purchase it. Remember that some prices are given out in USD and some in pounds. Remember that the order has no meaning at all. This is just my 11 gift ideas.

1. SKINFOOD's  Rice mask and black sugar mask

The masks are sold separately, however, I find them as a perfect gift if given together. The rice mask is really good for dry skin or damaged/sensitive skin as it gives a lot of moist, while the black sugar one is an exfoliating mask, that helps remove the dirt from your skin.
Site: recommend my main source for korean stuff. Highly trusted seller with great prices.
Her main site: RoseRoseShop
Her ebay store: rubyruby76
Price: Rice mask: 10,28$ . Black sugar 12,85$. She currently has 40% off on both. 
Shipping costs: free on ebay not on RoseRoseshop, however, most stuff are cheaper from her main site.

2. TONYMOLY's pocket bunny

This mist is also sold separately. One for oily skin and one for dry skin. The mist itself is useless, but the container is reusable. Since a lot of girl (including myself) has wished this set just because of it's cuteness, I thought it would be a great ideal thing to put on the list. So remember it's recommended as a cute holiday gift for a young girl in her twenties. 
Seller's main site: RoseRoseShop
Seller's ebay store: rubyruby76
Price: Rice mask: 12,49$. She currently has 30% off on both. 

Shipping costs: free on ebay not on RoseRoseshop, however, most stuff are cheaper from her main site.

3. B.B creams.

Currently B.B creams has become very popular in Europe and the US. In my opinion all of those are horrible and nothing like authentic B.B creams (yes, only Korean ones should be used, rest belongs in the garbage). Since there are a ton of B.B creams, I will guide you to the best ones for the certain person it's meant for. 
The most recommended one Id go for is the B.B miniature set by skin79 (picture 1). It has four mini B.B creams, giving people an idea of the colours that fits you the most while being cheap, so it's not a money waist at all. If one of them are too dark for you just blend it with a lighter one. My 2nd B.B cream recommendation is the standard Super+ beblesh balm by skin79 (picture 2). This only fits people with an average skintone or a darker one. This definitely do not fit pale or very dark skinned people. If you have the usual asian skin colour it will fit you. For pale people I recommend the B.B cream by *Etude House* (picture 3). All I can say is  it's perfect. It's also the only B.B cream that exist in 4 colours and it's my most loved one.

Seller's main site: RoseRoseShop
Seller's ebay store: rubyruby76
Price: B.B miniature set by skin79 costs 7,28$. The super+ beblesh balm by skin79 costs 22,89$. Precious Mineral B.B cream by *Etude House* costs 15$. There is 30% off on the first two and 40% on the last mentioned.

Shipping costs: free on ebay not on RoseRoseshop, however, most stuff are cheaper from her main site.

4. TONYMOLY eyeliner and Givenchy kohl.

Those are two separate items. They are very good gift ideas and you can buy one and combine it with another gift of your choice. In my opinion TONYMOLY's eyeliner (picture 1) is the best one currently sold on the market, but sadly it doesn't seem to have gained a lot of popularity among girls. I own tons of eyeliners and this beats *Etude House*'s bestseller. The other item is a kohl by Givenchy (picture 2). It's a normal pencil, but it draws so well. It's very loved by arabic people and stands out really well. I have big anime eyes by birth, and this is the only kohl that fits me. It's not recommended for people with watery eyes, because it will make you look like a mess if you get kohl all over your eyes.
Seller's main site for the eyeliner: RoseRoseShop
Seller's ebay store for the eyeliner: rubyruby76
For the kohl either go to Sephora or another store that sells Givenchy. 
Price: TONYMOLY eyeliner 8,49$ and comes in 8 different colours. I recommend you to go for black. The kohl varies a lot but it is around 20-25 dollars.

Shipping costs: free on ebay not on RoseRoseshop, however, most stuff are cheaper from her main site. It's unknown for the kohl.

5. Tangle teezer.

I own the normal one and the "pick up and put in your bag" one. I honestly recommend number two (the one in the package). It's a lot smaller, easier to use, and for some reason just better than the bigger one. The smaller one is more expensive but oh well..  If you on the other hand have tons of hair I recommend the big one you see on the pic. In any case they are awesome and really protects a girls hair. It avoids breakage and just really makes brushing less painful. I purchased mine from a UK site.
Price: The one in the front costs 10 pounds and the one in the back costs 12 pounds. I have never seen them on sale in the two years I have used their site.

Shipping costs: free 

6. Redken duo set.

The set can be purchased together or alone. I have put tons and tons of money into hair products, this is definitely the best of the best you can ever buy. It has been an award winner twice so far. I have used it for exactly a year by now, and my hair is just <3. Just the best thing on this list and I recommend it for all my friends.
Online shop: lookfantastic

Price: There is often sale so do not rush! I have gotten it as far down as 13 pounds for both (buy 3 pay for 2 + 25 pct. off), but usually it's hard to get it under 19 pounds, however, search the web for coupon codes! The duo set last 2 months for long hair.
Shipping costs: free 

7. Kérestase elexir ultime.

It's a leave in treatment for your hair. It's my third bottle. Two pumps is enough for long hair and it gives shine to it while making it look healthy. It smells lovely and has won as the best elixir twice so far. It's the beast on the market.  It wont solve dryness if you suffer from that though. 
Online shop: lookfantastic

Price: 34,50 pounds. Max sale has been 20 pct. off.

8. Bronzer in number 1 by SHISEIDO

This is definetly a must own. The best of the best like my number 6 here. I purchased two from Sephora in France. The guy told me it lasts 3 months with daily use, but guess what? After 1,5 year it's almost full lol. Best bronzer because your face looks so extremely natural. Ideal for all people but will especially be loved by pale ones, because it gives such a nice gentle glow. The cover might look different now, but it's still sold.
Shop: sephora, beauty store, ebay.
Price: 33 dollars.

9. Guilty Passions 4: lavish rose lip gloss.

This lip gloss set is limited only for christmas and is by M.A.C. It's wonderful and a great gift if the girl is a lip gloss person. I liked it a lot because it's not sticky.
Shop: Sephora
Price: 36 dollars.

10. Naked Palette 

Do I have to say anything? Just bestseller. Never heard a girl complain about it. Every girl love it and if she don't I have no explanation at all.
Online shop: lookfantastic or Sephora.

Price: 32 pounds. Max sale has been 10 pct. off.

11. Naked Palette 2

Again same as before.. Naked Palette 1 was so awesome that they made number 2. On pictures i liked the first one more but in real life i definitely liked number 2 more. It's more robust, has a two sided brush and a lovely lip gloss.
Store, price and shipping: same as number 10. 

As an extra recommendation... you can never go wrong if you buy any other Urban Decay Palette. My favourite is definitely the urban ammo, because if you lack different main colours in your eyeshadow collection this will be your savior and your new big crush <3. 

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