Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Guilty Passions: 4 Lavish Rose Lip Gloss mini set

General information

This is the first review where I use the Samsung Galaxy SIII to take pictures with instead of my usual, the Canon Digital IXUS 75. Since one of my last reviews were about the S3 I thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate it's camera abilities as well. If you wish to read more about the phone itself click here.
I have included a LOT of pictures, just to give my readers all the informations they seek, since it can definitely save you money if you buy it online as well as help men out if they want to buy this for someone. Please feel free to ask any further questions that has not been answered through this post. The only thing I can say is, that if naked pallette is the top thing when it comes to eyeshadows this might be the best thing when it comes to lip gloss.

About guilty passion lip gloss holiday mini set

The guilty passion lip gloss is released by MAC only for this holiday and comes in three different sets. #1 Nicely Nude, #2 Cocktail Coral, and #3 Lavish Rose. I have decided to purchase the last one. 

First impression

I went shopping a few days ago and all of a sudden this met my eyes. My mom poked me and told me I could get 20 pct. off if I were a member (which I am), and thus I couldn't just leave this wonderful thing! I was a little unsure if I liked all the colours, because the "boys go crazy"  didn't fall into my taste, but after doing swatches on my hand and with such a great deal I was very satisfied and couldn't let this pass by!
The instagram pic I uploaded right away. 

I was very impressed by the box as well. Very girly and cute. The bow is to me a lovely feature:

I love how each container has a bow on it as well:

The colours' names:
From left: demure, going casual, boys go crazy and color saturation.

Going casual and colour saturation are meant to be used as a base while demure and boys go crazy are to be added on the base. Thus the first to mentioned has a typical spongy lip gloss applicator while the last two mentioned has a soft brush applicator:

Price and quality

Due to the 20 pct. sale I payed almost 38 US dollars which is close to the price in the US which is  32,50 dollars. To me I felt that it  was a fair price, considering how much a lip gloss usually goes for in europe (usually double this price if non-brand and double if it's a brand that's on sale). 
As for the quality I have never owned a lip gloss or a lip stick from MAC, but all four of them has such a thick consistency and a little product gets you a long long way. Only the "boys go crazy" feels a bit sticky while the rest are completely perfect. 
Conclusion: awesome price top quality. Last a year (at least).


Since swatches on a hand doesn't give you an exact picture of how it will look on your lips I have decided to include both.

From left: demure, going casual, boys go crazy, and color saturation (note that this picture has been taken with my canon to  achieve the correct colour and to catch all the details). 


Notice that  only demure and boys go crazy contains shimmer. Since I am more into light colours, I have only used a little of "boys go crazy", but if you feel like going crazy you can just use a full application =)!

Overall thoughts

As mentioned, this is my first lip gloss purchase from mac, however, compared to my other collection of lip gloss' which include brands as Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, SHISEIDO, Estèe Lauder and etc., this is by far my favourite of all time. Isn't sticky, moisturize your lips and a little gets your a long way! The head of the container also helps you get the perfect amount out for an application keeping everything clean. 
What I also like is, that all four colours can be used separately or together and still look great, but as all other lip gloss' it doesn't stay when you eat so put one of them in your purse for reapplication =)! 

 I am definitely set on buying a set or two to gift a friend if I see it on sale again, just because everything about it is good. Outer box, containers, and liquid. Due to that some people might be allergic to some ingredients that this product might contain I have decided to include this picture. Please click it to get a full screen picture. 


Super highly recommended. One of the best things I have ever bought. Excited just as much as when I got my naked palette. "Boys go crazy is a little sticky", beside that just perfect. Awesome Holiday gift.

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