Hey everyone and welcome to our new blog! Are you also looking for wonderful make up and health products for a fair price and high quality? Then you have landed in the perfect place! We are two sister Nia (22) and Tia (25). Nia is a university student and Tia just finished Uni. In this time of a person's life money is the most valuable thing right? Still we spend tons of money on beauty products. 
Have you ever bought a product because you read/heard a good review about, and ended up throwing away in the basket of "stuff you regret buying"? The goal with this site is to give you honest reviews of product we have purchased with our own money and tried, letting you enjoy great stuff at a cheaper price that most people can afford. Even though the products we review comes from different places in the world, they can all be purchased from different onlinestores giving you the opportunity to enjoy them as we do. 
This blog will be sectioned into three. Section 1 will only contain reviews about korean cosmetics and face care products, and will be maintained by Nia. This will be my main section and the one Nia updates the most. Section 2 will contain european make up, face care, and hair products and will be maintained Nia as well. The third section is a very different section only dealing with korean dramas and movies, however reviews of japanese dramas will be put in as well from time to time. This section will be Tia's section. The section "others" has also been added, where, reviews that doesn't fall in the other two categories goes her. A Vlog and Haul section has been added as well.

Due to Tia being busy, Angela Pham, has permanently taken her place from 15.12.2012. She will be posting under the name "Tia Chibi" and will be taking care of section 3. Angela is a 16-years-old girl. Super sweet and kind. She knows pretty much everything about Kdrama, Jdrama, Kmovies and Jmovies. Thank you for joining me Angela!