Saturday, March 30, 2013

Haul: March (Nia)

Well this has been an exciting month since I got some great deals and since I purchased some NARS items for the first time! Here is just some of the stuff that I got this month.

Since I am unfamiliar with what is a must own and what is a no buy from NARS I decided to go for their bestsellers. NARS

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Section 2: Clarifying Cleanser for Acne by Murad

General information

The Clarifying Cleanser can be purchased from the acne section from the skin care brand Murad. You can either decide to buy it alone or with the rest of the product in this section but it's not needed. 
I personally have dry skin and i never break out so why would I purchase this item?  There was a great deal where I could get tons of Murad items as long as I purchased two products from

Acne and oily skin product reviews

So I know a lot of people suffer from oily skin or acne. My little brother has suffered and is still suffering from acne. I know the majority of people has oily skin thus I feel the need to focus on that first of all. Please drop by my blog in the coming time if you are in need of some advice.
I will put up reviews on item that clearly will make a huge difference so yes.. the product that I will review are very very good. Rest assure .. they wont hurt your wallet either!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Section 3: K-drama review: Innocent man

"Nice guy" / "Innocent Man"

Back on track!!~~!!~!

Hey everyone!

My blog hasn't been updated for a while due to some health issues, HOWEVER, I have spend my time wisely and tried out many products as well as looked back on some of my reviews. I am very satisfied with things that I already put up and soon I will put up more reviews.
Please look forward to seeing some love for hand creams, skincare products, TONYMOLY's 7 fruit princess lip gloss and B.B creams!