Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB (Nia)

Welcome to my first post in my "Others" section! I would like to introduce you to the pretty Samsung GALAXY SIII with a lot of pictures and not much technology talk (I will leave that for the professionals ;)). This review will be build up by an unboxing, how to protect your phone, and  + and - about the phone as well as the stuff included.

Just as an introduction, this is my first smartphone. It seemed too advanced for me, but after some days looking like an old woman desperately trying to understand the new technology (ironically iIam 22 and owned an LG touch before this one), I am finally able to use this loveliness. 
I have purchased mine from ebay for 617 dollars shipping included, unlocked sent from UK.


 The package looks like this:

As you lift up the top your eyes will meet this beautiful view:

Lift the lovely phone:

As you see the package includes an adapter (of course), headphones, warranty papers and other papers introducing and informing you about everything you need to know about this phone.

How to protect your Samsung Galaxy S3

Of course you wouldn't want to destroy your new smartphone (unless you are swimming in a pool of money, but then you wouldn't bother yourself reading this blog right? =) ). The way to protect your phone is very simple. (1). Screen protector, (2):

My case cover:

I was very much in loved with the cute rabbit, the colours and the mirror part.  I went with this fragile case because I rarely drop my phone, but I've already managed to drop it once and it has taken damage in the left corner. I have as well almost dropped it 5-7 times all this within a month!
I think it's because the phone is too big for my small hands, but mainly because I am so obsessed with not dropping it that the opposite think is taking place. Despite my choice, the best case cover on the market so far is the ballistic cover. You can pretty much drop it on any flat surface and your phone would still be perfectly fine, however, it looks indescribable horrible:

To me it looks like a shoe. Why would you pay so much money to get such a lovely phone only to uglify it? Huge mistake Ballistic. On the other hand id like to believe that the authentic Samsung Galaxy S3 is just as good. A company should obviously be best at creating a cover that protects their own phones weaknesses and the plus side is that it doesn't destroy your phones look. As for me I will stick keep my phone in it's case and put it in a thick sock until I have found an acceptable alternative. 

+ and - about Samsung Galaxy S3

big screen, pretty and well made, designed well (adapter location, headphones etc.), long battery life (last 1 day if you use it a lot), light, easy to use.

samsung's headphones is of poor quality (used to wonderful skull candy), camera button could not be placed a worse place (so hard to take a picture), apps freezes on me often + error accours often (since my sister has the same phone she says that her freezes at some programs. So far only FB and instagram), fragile phone.

There are a lot more + and -, but those are the stuff that came to my mind and were of importance to me. All in all I am extremely satisfied with my new smartphone and expect to treasure it for many mant years in the future until it decides to die or becomes an embarrassing old phone that will give me weird looks from people with a lot more advanced phones. 

I hope this was useful. If you own a S3 I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you wan't one I will cross my fingers, and If you are an owner of another smartphone I will shed a tear.

Thanks for reading!

(NB: how have all you crazy people managed to type on the small keyboards on smartphones all this time?! I have small fingers and it's torture T_T..).

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