Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: SHISEIDO's Extra Length Mascara in L1 and L2 (Nia)

General information

The Makeup Extra Length Mascara comes from the japanese company SHISEIDO (株式会社資生堂). The company was founded in 1872, but has only received worldwide attention past few years. Today I will review my favourite natural mascara of all time in the colours available. black (L1) and brown (L2).

First impression

I purchased this mascara in a store not far away from me. I got a lot of make up on sale that day and was really glad. I first purchased Extra Length Mascara in the colour brown and was so happy about it that I went to purchase the black one next day. The first thing I noticed when I applied it for the first time was the soft brush. A brush with short hair like this one gives you the ability to really work on your lashes, spread them out and cover them up in the liquid really well. The liquid also contains fibers which makes your lashes look a lot fuller than they actually are. It's waterproof so that is good as well.

How to use

Position the brush horizontally and wiggle from side to side slowly while brushing upwards. Reapplication throughout the day without destroying the look is possible. 

Price and quality

This mascara costs around 34 dollars. I payed 16 dollars for each on sale. It's one of the more rare mascaras to find on the market, but it's not impossible. Everything is of really high quality. When I apply this one and my TONYMOLY cats wink the price difference is definitely obvious. 

Is this product suitable for you?

This mascara was made for japanese and asian women. Most asian people have shorter lashes with space in between, if you feel that you need to fill that space out but still maintain a super natural look like nothing is on your lashes, you will love this product.

TONYMOLY's cats wink or SHISEIDO's Makeup Extra Length Mascara? 

* Cats wink costs 6-8 dollars and Extra Length costs 34 dollars
* Cats wink contains 8ml and Extra Length contains 6 ml
* Cats wink does not contain fiber Extra Length contains fiber
* Cats wink is not waterproof Extra Length is waterproof
* Cats wink requires curled lashes before application Extra Length   
   requires nothing.
* Cats wink cannot be reapplied and has to be removed completely.
   Extra Length can be reapplied.
* Cats wink is of a lot lower quality and requires a lot of patience   
   to not destroy the look. 

Despite the ml, Extra length hasn't dried out after a year. Both mine works perfectly fine, but the brown one is almost used up. My cats wink has almost dried up after a month. 
Looking aside from everything I have said, the outcome of both mascaras are almost the same. Obviously it's a question about budget and patience. The SHISEIDO mascara's outcome compared to Cat winks can be seen in this picture:

It's to be noticed that due to different application amount and lightning, cats wink appears as the most visible one here. In real life L2 gives an illusion of longer lashes while L1 and cats wink appear very similar. I applied L1 on one eye and Cats wink on the other and there were no difference at all in L1 is therefore as dark as the picture above it, however, applying too much cats wink can result in an unnatural look. 

Overall thought

I think I have said everything I need to say. For me it's the perfect mascara because I like that non is able to see that I am wearing anything at all. It makes my lashes look fuller so I don't have to bother with fake lashes. My lashes are already long, but it definitely gives volumen. If I am able to find the SHISEIDO on sale I will go with that one without a doubt, but if not I will go with cats wink. Extra Length doesn't last for that many hours, but you can always reapply so no problem. It's my favourite natural mascara, nothing less.


I highly recommend this for people with asian lashes. It's good and the liquid doesn't dry up. In europe 34 dollars for a mascara is very common, and I cannot find a reason for why it isn't the most perfect natural mascara, therefor I give it a  full rating. For a cheaper substitute read my cats wink review

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