Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: Walnut complexion scrub by Ole Henriksen (Nia)

General information

The walnut complexion scrub is produced by the Danish company Ole Henriksen, named after it's owner a danish skin cosmetician. This is one out of the two best exfoliating scrubs/masks that I have tried so far (the other one is SKINFOOD's black sugar mask). 
Ole Henriksen only sell skincare
products, and the brand is known and sold internationally. 


Aloe vera: Moisturizes, calms and heals. 
Chamomile: Calms, softens and soothes. 
Korean ginseng: Increases cellular energy, stimulates microcirculation. 
Walnut powder: Mildly abrasive, aids in cell renewal. 

First impression

All of Ole Henriksen's creams, scrubs and masks come in the same transparent container with a black lid and a description in english. 

This particular scrub has a brown colour to it and a strong delicious smell. It's densely textured and smooth out easily on your wet skin. The consistency is thick and has walnut grains in it, which really permits you to deep clean your skin and work on your T-zone. Each package contains 50g/1.7oz.

How to use

Wet face first then spread a generous layer of scrub over clean face and work into skin in tiny regular motions for 1-2 minutes and rince well. Use this product twice weekly in place of your regular cleanser.

Price and quality

The walnut complexion scrub costs 41 dollars online. I bought mine on sale from the british site lookfantastic and got it for 29$. This product is of high quality both as for what ingredients this scrub contains as well as how efficiently it works. I estimate this product to last between 5-7 months.

Ole Henriksen's walnut complexion scrub or SKINFOOD's black sugar mask?

I think it depends on each person. The walnut scrub feels a lot more soft when you touch it and put it on your skin and it leaves your skin really nice, while the black sugar mask is harder and feels rougher against your skin, and it does give you a more dry outcome. I often need to moisturize my face right after the black sugar mask, but with Ole Henriksen's I feel that the moisture is already there. The walnut one also smells a lot better, however when it comes to blackheads I feel that the black sugar mask is a little better at reducing those.
I would personally purchase the SKINFOOD mask from now on because of the huge difference in price. You pay 41 USD for the Ole Henriksen walnut complexion scrub and get 50g while the black sugar mask from SKINFOOD costs you 14 USD and you get 100 g. 



Overall thoughts

I do like this scrub a lot. I don't have any complaints at all when it comes to the quality of it. It works perfect on every way and if I hadn't tried out the black sugar one I would have continued using Ole Henriksen's scrub. I am a rational buyer thus I will say my goodbyes to my lovely walnut scrub and welcome black sugar into my skincare collection.  


Highly recommended. A really good exfoliating scrub but expensive which is why I give this scrub 5/6 butterflies.

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