Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Cats Wink Mascara #1 (Nia)

General information

Cats Wink Mascara comes from the cosmetic company TONYMOLY (토니모리) and is part of their new collection. The mascara was made for people in their twenties and comes in two different types: "Volume & Longlash" (#1) and "Curling and Longlash"(#2). I decided to go for #1.

First impression

I don't really know how popular Cats Wink is in Korea. It's still very new and only few stores sell them online. I found it recently and fell in love with this cute mascara right away. I was a little in doubt whether I should go for the Volumen one or the Curling one. For a safer purchase I went for #1.
Cats Wink Mascara contains  6,5g/8ml and is 4,5 inches/11,5cm. 

How to use

You position the brush horizontally and wiggle from side to side while brushing upwards.

Price and quality

Cats Wink is super cheap. It costs between 6$ and 8$. I purchased mine for 7 dollars.
TONYMOLY claims that the brush is washable. I haven't tried to do so, but since you can wash off your mascara with lukewarm water and it works then the brush is washable as well. This way you can keep your brush clean and avoid eye infection, which can happen especially if you share your mascara. As for the liquid inside, the mascara doesn't clump at all or smudge, however, i highly recommend you to curl your lashes before you use Cats Wink or else your lashes might point in different direction and the outcome won't be so good. 
Reapplication throughout the day is not possible.

Is this product suitable for you?

Cats Wink is a korean product therefor it suits people with korean lashes the best. If your lashes are not so filled and you wish to achieve a natural look without thickening them out, this product might suit you. The reason is mainly the brush. I couldn't take a picture comparing my mascaras' brushes to show the difference, as it would  result in drying up the liquid in all of them, therefore I advice you to take your favourite one and compare it's brush to the Cats Wink. You can do so by clicking the first picture in this blog and achieve a detailed look in full screen.  Notice Cats Wink has shorter hair with less space in between. There are more hair in TONYMOLY's brush than a normal one and the hair is thicker and harder to bend. By creating a brush like Cats Wink all you lashes will be separated nicely and covered with the liquid, instead of being caught together giving out a look of thinner and less filled lashes than your real ones. My conclusion about whether Cats wink is suitable for you depends on which of the following groups you belong to:
  • Thin lashes: For people with less lashes than average I recommend my favourite mascara of all time "SHISEIDO Extra Lenght Mascara". The reason is, that this mascara contains fake hair. This makes your lashes look less thin, but still super natural so people can't tell that you are wearing anything at all. For a cheap alternative I still recommend you to give this mascara a shot.
  • Normal/colourless lashes (my group): If you have normal lashes that are either colourless or doesn't stand out and you wish to make them stand out colourwise without adding thickness to them i recommend this product. 
  • Fake lashes: If your are a person  who loves to wear and reuse your fake lashes without destroying their shape, this product will suit you as well. 
  • Thick lashes: If you are a person who has filled lashes and wish for a dramatic look then  I don't recommend Cats Wink. This product was not meant for you and the outcome wouldn't be outstanding to you at all. 

Overall thoughts

Cats Wink was meant for korean people so whether it falls into your taste or not depends on your lashes and what kind of look you want to achieve. This mascara is cute, gives a natural finish and lives up to what the company promises, beside adding volumen. The only thing I found a bit annoying is that you need to curl your lashes before using this mascara. 
This mascara only fades a little throughout the day and can be seen after 24 hours so If you want to remove it completely you need to wash it off. It's not my favourite mascare but it's good and cheap, doesn't clump or smudge and can easily be removed with water only. I have seen mascaras with this quality from brands like Lancôme, Clarins and Estée Lauder. Why would I pay 26+ dollars instead of 7 dollars for the same outcome? 7 dollars won't hurt my wallet badly plus the liquid in Cats Wink and most asian brands are easier to work with than those from european and american companies. 


I recommend this product if it's suitable for you. I give Cats Wink 4/6 butterflies, because it doesn't give volumen and force you to curl your lashes before use.

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