Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Ole Henriksen balancing cucumber face mist/tonic for dry/sensitive skin (Nia)

General information

The balancing cucumber face mist is one of the first product I tried out from Ole Henriksen(OH). I got it through purchasing the OH starter kit for dry/sensitive skin. After i used up my tonic I was so happy with how good it worked that I purchased it in full size. It's one of my favourite product from OH as well as Tia's and my mothers.
Both the cucumber mist and the cumber tonic contains the exact same product, but only the container is different. 


Chamomile: Softens and soothes the skin.
Citrus bioflavonoids: Protects capillaries and reduces inflammation.
Cucumber essence: Tightens pores and works as a decongestant.
Korean ginseng: Increases cellular energy and stimulates microcirculation.
Witch hazel: Calms, soothes and works as an astringent.

First impression

The bottle looks very simple just as OH's other products. My first purchase was the OH balancing cucumber face tonic while my second was the face mist. I do have to say that I very much dislike the mist container for three reasons. (1) A lot of product is wasted in the air as you aim it on your cotton square, because if you aim it too close, the product will only get on a small surface of the cotton. (2) You cant control how much product that comes out so when you spray you either get too little or too much. (3) The mist container from OH is simply horrible. Often when you purchase such a container or a pump one (has happened to me with my OH truth serum) only 1/3 works perfectly fine. My mist does not work well and has given me so much issues, because of this, I recommend people to go with the face tonic container.

How to use

After cleansing, mist or apply "balancing cucumber skin tonic" to skin with a clean cotton square or ball-rub gently over face and neck, concentrating on the t-zone. Continue until cotton looks clean. Follow up with the cream of your choice. Use often to refresh skin and remove perspiration, make-up, grime and pollution.

Price and quality

I have purchased my cucumber face mist for 34 USD from lookfantastic which is also what it usually costs online. The quality of the liquid is really good and it works so well. I think it's really good mist/tonic. OH could however use more energy on checking their pumps before their products leave the company.


Made for people with dry/sensitive skin but works well with any skintype.

Overall thoughts

This mist/tonic is just perfect. Each time I clean my skin when I get home from university It takes off all the dirt that my soap missed.  It works efficiently with anything that's on my face even make-up and most eyeliners. Just to prove how good this mist is, I cleaned my face with OH walnut complexion scrub today and then used the cucumber face mist. I made sure that my face was all clean before I moisturized it and went out to get my package from the mailoffice. I was out for around 20 minutes and do you know how much dirt I got on my face? Speechless, but it also shows how good this product is, because when I use another mist/tonic the cotton square is almost clean and that is after I have been outside for 8-9 hours. If your cotton square is closer to being clean than being dirty then you definitely need to change your mist/tonic out, for the sake of your own skin, because the amount of pollution where I live is approximately equal to the amount of pollution where you live.

New clean cotton square (how my previous looked like before I went out).

Cotton square expressing the pollution after being outside in 20 minutes.
No make up, nothing, just pure dirt.

My sister says that this mist tighten up her skin and it's one of the reasons she likes it. I don't feel that when I use it but I do when I use Ole Henriksens apricot cleaner lotion (which I completely love by the way). My only complaint about this mist is the pump, but you can always purchase the tonic container to avoid troubles and you would be perfectly fine.


I highly recommend this product. I don't know if I would actually call this item pricey since most efficient mists/tonics costs this much, but due to the pump issues that I have encountered before when purchasing other OH items, I will give this item a 5/6 butterflies. I will actually giv e it a 5+ because the liquid is simply perfect. Love it!

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