Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Ole Henriksen new beginning scrub (dry/sensitive skin) (Nia)

General information

Today I will review one of the first products I purchased from Ole Henriksen (OH), the new beginning scrub. I got mine through buying the OH dry/sensitive skin starter kit. I always go for sensitive skin even though my skin is only dry, because I rather go for something that is too gentle than too rough. "Those with sensitive skin will
embrace this gentle exfoliant scrub that removes dead skin cells with tea tree oil and comforting jojoba wax beads" as OH says. 


Avocado Oil: Deeply penetrating oil, rich in vitamins and nutrients.
Chamomile: Softens and soothes.
Jojoba wax: Gently exfoliates.
Sesame oil: Nourishes and enhances resiliency with antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
Tea tree oil: Purifying, antiseptic and healing.

First impression

The scrub comes in a jar in two different sizes. The small one contains 28g/1 oz. (like mine) and the bigger one contains 50g/ 1.7 oz. I actually haven't seen the smaller one sold alone but according to the official site it's possible. The scrub smells lovely to me, but since all his products have a strong smell to it, it depends on each person if the smell falls into your taste or not. I were once forced to give out my OH cleanser because of this issue. This one is really good though, it's smell sourly but not too much. The texture is soft and so smooth perfect for people with dry skin even in the winter season. It also contains fine grains (i am guessing it's sugar) giving you the ability to scrub your skin really well.
The scrub will approximately last 5-6 months for the small one and up to a year for the bigger one.

How to use

Use 2-3 times weekly instead of your regular cleanser. Apply to wet skin in circular motions for 2 minutes and wash off.

Price and quality

The OH new beginning scrub costs 41 dollars. I brought mine through the kit that I got on sale in a store near me and payed 62 dollars for it. OH's products are expensive but very long lasting, because a little gets you a long long way. 


All skin types/sensitive.

Overall thoughts

This paraben-free scrub supposedly smoothes, oxygenates and exfoliates your skin to reveal a more luminous complexion. To me I didn't see any change when it comes to my blackheads, but I know that it's one of the reasons people like it. It does however lighten up my skin and removed all the dirt and oil from my face while leaving it so soft and fresh looking. A lot of people with an uneven skintone also found that this scrub did help them with that as well as left them with a lighter skintone. 
I find that everything about this product is really good. It's one of the few scrubs that I have tried out, that works really well especially in the winter, when most exfoliating scrubs and masks fail to moisturize your face, but instead makes your skin even more dry than it already is. I am still unsure if I will purchase it again or use the SKINFOOD's rice mask to protect my skin against the cold winter. The reason is because there is no real substitute so far for the beginning scrub, but maybe the rice mask can keep my skin from drying out this winter.


I recommend this product for people with very dry sensitive skin especially during the harsh winter, because those people are the ones that will treasure this scrub the most and see the biggest difference. This scrub is a little pricey and that's why I am taking away one butterfly.

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