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Introduction: Ole Henriksen starter kit. A good christmas gift (Nia)

How I fell in love with Ole Henriksen's products

I first learned about this wonderful skincare company through my mom. She had gotten a sample of the Ole Henriksen (OH) on the go cleanser and the pick me up tonic. She first introduced the company to Tia, since Tia has always been the one suffering from break out, uneven skintone, and oily skin. After my sister tried out the samples she were happy about the outcome that she ended up buying different products from OH online and I decided to do the same, simply because I wanted to take better care of my skin. It was during a time were I had already spend tons of money on different scrubs and moisturizers without finding a good one. Since I didn't have anything to loose beside more money I thought I would give OH a try and it's probably the best thing that I have done for my skin. As of today this is how my OH collection looks like:
A lot of products that I no longer own or are half empty are not included here.

How to get started

I recommend people to start out with free OH samples and make a lot of research. Really go into Sephora and smell to the products as well as read the ingredients, because so many delicious things are put into each product. I think it can be discussed whether Ole Henriksen's products are actually that pricey. They definitely cost more but they are also very long lasting. Just a little product gets you a long long way.  Personally I purchase all my OH stuff on sale. I already know what I want to buy and just buy it when I can get it for an acceptable price. I think it's important to pay a little more to keep your skin young and fresh now while you can, than when it's too late, because it might be more expensive in the long run once the damage has taken place. If you do feel that OH is something for you and you are looking for more than one product in your skincare routine the starter kit would be the cheapest and best option for you. 

The starter kits

The starter kit was made to introduce new costumers to OH. It's a kit that contains everything you need for your skin in the period you use it. To get the most efficient outcome of each product and to find out if OH is something for you and your budget, I suggest that you don't use any other products during the time you use your kit. There are three main kits that you can choose from depending on your skintype. The sensitive/dry kit, normal/combination kit and the blemish-prone kit. If you are +35 or aging signs has started showing I recommend you to go with the african tea one. For younger people that kit is not recommended. 
Each kit contains 6 pieces that can all be purchased individually and after owning most of the products in all the kits I would say that they are all lovely and nothing should disappoint you, but instead guide you to which products that are the most fit for you. Here is the lists of the starter kits as well as what they contain, and their purpose. I will slowly put up the reviews on most products once they have been published. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment and ask me. I hope this was helpful for you.

Ole Henriksen starter kit for sensitive/dry skin 

apricot cleansing lotion™ 2 oz. / 56 g Gentle and moisturizing cleanser.
balancing cucumber™ face tonic 2 fl oz / 59 ml Calming toner to minimize pores. 
skin insulator™ creme SPF15 1 oz / 28 g Comforting crème gaurds skin from cold weather.
nurture me™ creme1 oz / 28 g Nourishing creme to protect and hydrate sensitive skin. 
blue black enzyme mask™ 1 oz / 28 g Soothing gel mask to renew irritated skin.
new beginning scrub™1 oz / 28 g Gentle exfoliating scrub improves skin texture.

Ole Henriksen starter kit for normal/combination skin 

on the go™ cleanser 2 fl. oz. / 59 ml Exhilarating cleanser bursting with vitamin C. 
pick me up™ face tonic 2 fl oz / 59 ml Oxygenating gentle toner helps minimize pores.
herbal day creme™ SPF15 1 oz / 28 g Protects & hydrates with SPF 15 & anti-oxidants. 
pure perfection® creme 1 oz / 28 g Nourishing night creme aides in wrinkle repair.
firm action mask™ 1 oz / 28 g Pore refining mask removes impurities with fine clays. 
walnut complexion scrub™ 1 oz. / 28 g Exfoliating cleanser that aides cell renewal.

Ole Henriksen starter kit for blemish-prone skin 

aloe vera deep cleanser™ 2 fl oz / 59 ml Calming gel cleans without stripping moisture.
grease relief™ face tonic 2 fl oz / 59 ml Antiseptic toner minimizes pores & breakouts. 
vitamin plus™ creme 1 oz / 28 g Controls shine. Balances & regulates skin tone.
Invigorating night gel™ 1 oz / 28 g Hydrates the skins deepest layers, & refines surface texture.
blemish attack® mask 1 oz / 28 g Purifying clays absorb impurities & reduces breakouts
walnut complexion scrub™ 1 oz / 28 g Exfoliating cleanser that aides cell renewal.

Ole Henriksen african red tea 

african red tea foaming cleanser™ 1.5 fl. oz. / 45 ml Luxurious anti aging cleanser.
african red tea face mist™ 2 fl oz / 59 ml This uplifting tonic protects & revitalizes skin
express the truth® creme 1 oz / 28 g Wrinkle fighting creme with African red tea
sugar glow™ face scrub 1 oz / 28 g This cleansing scrub, smooths & refines.
feel the difference™ perfecting mask 1 oz / 28 g Cooling mask moisturizes & firms skin
visual truth® eye creme 0.25 oz. / 7 g Extra rich eye crème helps resist wrinkles

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