Friday, December 14, 2012

Haul: December (Nia)

Phew.. it has been a tough month! Exams around the corner, tons of people shopping for christmas gifts, and this cold winter isn't exactly helping me out, however, ive still had two great shopping experiences this month. Do you know why? Because aside from buying tickets to a specific designersale close to me twice a year, I really haven't been out shopping for 1,7 year! So let's see what ive got!

I was originally only going to Sephora because they had 20% off, but stopped by another beauty store before that and do you know what? They had 20% off as well, only for members, and I am a member >(^_^)< ~!~~!!! I feel in love right
away with the Guilty Passions 4: Lavish Rose Lip Gloss Set, by M.A.C.

What I got from Sephora..
Make up for ever full cover. Very satisfied with it's coverage, but feel that it's not going so well with my dry skin. 

And the ultra mattes dark palette from Sleek Make up. Extremely cheap palette. Only gave 11 dollars for it after sale. Tia told me she had heard a lot of good reviews on it on youtube. Id love to use those colours as a base. Haven't tried it out yet. Very excited about it ~!!!!~~!!

So as I was heading home with Tia and my mom I passed by the lovely newly opened Louis Vuitton store. They had moved just some streets away from their previous spot, and the new place was HUGE compared to most LV stores ive entered around the world. I got my first LV bag in sommer 2011 from the headquarter in France, and even tho ive had my eyes locked on the LV Eva Clutch, I wanted to buy it on my second trip to France as well, just because you get the LV package and the entire experience. It might just be me.. but I would rather pay more to get the box than buying it from a store that just throws it into a LV paper bag. When I entered the store and found out that I could get the box too I was so happy, so I said "yes I want one!". So here is my new baby:

I will be putting up a post in the near future about LV bags, why id pay so much for such a bag when I am living on a small amount of money each month, my opinions, thoughts and etc.

So this was the ending of shopping day 1. My second shopping experience this month was a trip to the mall. 

So I have a huge love for tigers, pumas, jaguars and etc. Since there were 50% sale on those shirts, and since I have had my eyes on very equivalent looking ones for more than 53 USD each, I decided to buy this one in two colours. I got each for 17,5$. Cute right? 

After, I went to H&M knowing that I wanted a specific shirt. It's one of their bestsellers this winter and comes in purple, pink, green, and sandcolour, I got it in green.

So this was my shopping experience for this month. Now I am prepared for the exams! Are you?


  1. that M.A.C packaging looks really cute!!

    What a great haul!I never bought anything from all the brands above..

    1. yes it is! I love stuff that has a great reusable packaging bc u can store other things in it later on and keep it in front of u so u can enjoy it's pretty view. Also remember known brands are not equal to good brands *wink*