Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hej everyone! Nia here!

I have a few updates. First I will be unable to post for a little while because of a back injury that has gotten a lot worse keeping me in bed all day, however, I will be creating a haul section and a vlog section, because it's less time consuming, more fun, and gives me the ability to update my blog more! Super happy about that ^_^!
Second, id like to congratulate Tia, because she has just finished her master with top grades (yay!), however, her job might prevent her from posting on this blog as planned =(
In any case, I hope she will be able to join me in the near future!

While my reviews are on standby until I get better please do feel free to read my previous ones and share your thoughts and opinions so I can do better. Have a nice Holiday and Thank you!

~ Nia 

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