Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vlog: 7-fruit princess gloss by TONYMOLY are back and will soon be mine!

Exams and snow not so cheerful right? However my day has become a lot more cheerful.. and do you know why? Because my lovely and wonderful ebayer rubruby79 ( her own online store RoseRoseshop) is currently selling the 7-fruit princess gloss by TONYMOLY!!!!~~!!~~!~!!

The reason why I am so excited is that this item hasn't been sold for ages. I probably dropped the idea of ever owning one around six months ago after an endless search for a trustworthy ebay who could sell them for me. All sellers offered a super high price despite having more negative rates than positive, thus I advice people who wants it get it now from ruby. In all my 47 purchases from her I have been fully satisfied with service. If you read the comments on her sites or her facebook (click here) you will see that people share the same opinion as me. I am not sure how long she will have it in her store so rush if you really want them. The 7-fruit princess gloss' can be purchased here (notice her prices compared to sasa and prettyandcute.

The moment the lovely set drops into my mailbox I will be putting up a review on each of them.
Thank you ruby for bringing this gloss set back! You made my day !~~!!!~~~!!!!~! ^_^!



  1. yah! I am so getting this! Thanks :*)

  2. Awww this is so cute ><

    ~ Angela Pham :)

  3. yes! it's just <3! I should include some of them in a future giveaway don' t u think? ^^