Monday, December 24, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway for ppl in the US and EU!~~!!~!

Giveaway CLOSED and the winner is: Serena Johnson. I have sent you an email so please check it and get back to me before the 1st. ^_^! If you don't reply to me by then I sadly have to choose another winner so hurry up! 
Please send me your address as well so I can ship it directly to you.
(psst. etude house's mascara is wonderful!)
Hey guys!
So I have been very hesitant to do this because I feel that it's too early, but since it's christmas and since I have been very excited about the return of the 7 fruit princess from TONYMOLY I will be doing my first giveaway. It won't be huge but it's pretty awesome if i should say so my self, however, since I am a student after all and all has been purchased by my own money, I will only choose 1 winner and the winner will be chosen randomly, and
my lovely Tia substitute can't enter  (just to make it fair).

If you win this giveaway you will receive the followings:

1. Doll Doll mascara lash perm 3 steps from *Etude House*:

2. Pocket bunny mist for oily skin by TONYMOLY:

3. Of course the i-devine ultra matte v2 palette from sleek:

4. Lat but not least the Mini B.B cream set by skin79 (must own for new beginners):

The giveaway ends on the 25th UK time and the winner will be announced on the 26-27th. 
To enter the giveaway you must:
  • Be a follower on blogspot
  • Like my facebook page by clicking ==> here.
  • Comment on this post telling me what you like (or dislike) about my reviews

I obviously request so, since the winner should be someone who has interest for my blog and not just a random person.  You must also ask permission of your parents if you are under 18. If you win and dont reply within the 1. february I will choose another winner.

Share and join !~~!!!~~!!!!

~ Nia


  1. Follower as Lilian Cheng
    Liked on Facebook as Lilian Cheng

    I actually found your blog recently while looking up reviews for BB cream, and I was enamored by the variety of brands you review (I have an affinity for Asian brands)! Before your blog, I never knew about those SUPER cute TONYMOLY mascaras. I definitely need to stock up on a few for future gifts. My best friend would LOVE them.

    1. Yes asian products are so cute! If you read the ingredients, most of the products does not contain anything that can either speed up the aging process neither harm your skin now. They are also easily removed while most containers are so cute !~!~!!

      Now I only know this mascara is a bestseller, however, the cats wink from TONYMOLY is a cheap efficient mascara. .. now i see that you have found my blog through searching for B.B cream reviews. Now I will tell you this. I have put a lot of money into B.B creams to find the right one, and I will def. put up a detailed review about it. I am considering to dedicate a hole month to B.B. creams.. but if you want one now I highly recommend the one from etude house. I have written a bit about it in my post "gifts for girls (meant for men)" under nr. 3 . If you need any questions ask right away! Just give me your skin tone and i got it ^^!

      If your friend love such this u can always invite here. This giveaway is very random, but there will be giveaways where I will choose the person who truly deserves it the must. I hope u will be joining always!

      Thank you for entering this time. I wish u the best of luck, but i think FB might have messed around since ur like didn't go through. U can like on the official niaandtia FB pace. Look on this page up right corner and click on the "like us? join us! love us? share us!". Put on a comment on the direct giveaway link on that official FB page so i can catch u even on FB easily !~~!!~~!

    2. "If you read the ingredients, most of the products does not contain anything that can either speed up the aging process neither harm your skin now."
      Oh! I didn't know that! Thank you for letting me know. But what ingredients should I look for that might be damaging to skin, or speed up the aging process?
      All ingredients are like greek to me. *ashamed*

      I think part of the reason I haven't tried many Asian products is because I like testing the product or seeing it in front of me before buying, and there aren't many Asian makeup stores here in Hawaii.

      So far I've only used two BB Creams: Neutrogena and Maybelline (I like, but seems to melt off within a few hours). Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into Etude House right now =)!

    3. To put up a list of ingredients that can speed up the aging process would be huge. I fully understand what you are saying, and after i started purchasing stuff from Korea I have had a lot of fail purchases as well.. thus if u are in doubt always ask me .. however, I can give you those guidlines. It very much depends on your budget. If I had a lot of money id go for Ole Henriksen. Just because almost all of his products are truly awesome and made of natural ingredients. In the US they are a lot cheaper and just a small jar can stay with you for 6 months. If you are on a strict budget like me u should try out the korean SKINFOOD. They are very cheap and the contain gold products! Every loveliness in this nature is used in them. In my eyes they are the next best alternative and nr. 2 under Ole Henriksen. Estee Lauder is known for their awesome skin care products and they do make ur skin lovely but they are expensive, last just a little and they use products created on human knowledge in a lab. I am currently awaiting a very known bestseller face cream from Etude House. If it's good I will tell u. I will def. be putting up a review on it once i try it out for a while. For other skinproducts go for skinfood and just ask me out. I own a lot from them and as for B.B cream i advice you to wait since I will put up a detailed review, but if u cant by the one from etude house called Precious Mineral B.B cream. It comes in several shades and everyone who has tried mine out love it. It's wow. To help you out and others if needed I wil put an "ask me" section. Once u r looking for something u can go there and i will fully help u out.

  2. Facebook name: Darlene Mae Flores

    Hi~!! This would be my first time commenting since I'm so shy so here goes:
    ~~I love your reviews because you provide a lot of information and I love the "How to use" and "Price and Quality" parts because it's very helpful to me whenever I'm thinking on whether I should buy that product or not. You also give your honest opinion and I can relate at times~~

    Here's my e-mail address:

    1. Being shy is completely ok <3
      I am glad those to section helps you. I really do try hard to make it as informative as possible. If you still think u need more always ask! Make up is very complicated for most ppl! If you feel you got it u can always skip that part. If there is something u wanna buy in the future, and u don't know if u can get it cheaper somewhere else.. hit me up. I might be able to guide u and save you some money.

      Thank u for joining <3 As i said in the previous comment, my giveaway won't always be random. If i feel a person really deserves it i will def. give it out to that person. Also i think the FB like didnt go through so try clicking on my official FB page up corner where it says "like us? join us! Love us? Share us!".

      thank u <3

    2. I liked the official FB page~!! ^_^

  3. Well, I enjoy your reviews really amazing helps me out a lot :) even though I don't have the money well not much to buy the product I write down it and the quality is important to me so I won't know it's cheap really curious do you have anyways to make blemish go away also pimples I trust you with your perfect skin I'm hoping to get know you I love your page I wish you had more liker though I should go tell my friends about this page! Thanks

    1. thank u! Remember to like the niaandtia official FB page to join this giveaway! U might have done so. If so please let me know what ur FB name is ^_^
      I am very glad that I am able to help you out. I really try to make it informative. Please let me know if u need help =). Id ve very happy if you could tell ur friends ^_^ thank u so much <3!
      As for ur question please go to the "ask me" next time. I can help u out better there. Before I can help u out I need to know some stuff.
      1) where do u have blemish and how much does it cover of ur face
      2) where do u have pimples and how much does it cover of ur face
      3) how much does the blemish and pimples bother u in ur daily life?
      4) how much are u willing to spend on ur skin issue pr. 6 months?
      5) what skintype do u have?

      Please put ur reply up on the "ask me" section =)

  4. Is this ongoing? I would really like to win this for my daughter. I like your site a lot. I think my daughter would just love it! Are those japanese or thai items? I do not have a facebook. My email is You can email me there. Are you going to do a skincare routine?

    1. well congrats cause u won! I sent you a mail so plz check it out and reply to me as fast as you can.
      Also what kind of skin care routine? For dry, combi or oily?
      It depends a lot on each person what fits best =), but i will put up a post on how i clean my skin.
      Also thx for joining!