Friday, August 24, 2012

Review: Pocket Bunny Moist Mist for dry skin #1 (Nia)

General information

Pocket Bunny is a skin care product made by TONYMOLY(토니모리). Even though this item was first sold in Korea around a year ago it can easily be found online as TONYMOLY has
decided to continue producing this item. Pocket bunny comes in
two different types "Pocket Bunny Moist Mist" and "Pocket Bunny Soft Mist". The first one is for people with dry skin and the second for people with oily skin. I have decided to purchase #1 the Moist one, since I have dry skin. 


Apple, raspberry, cherry, watermelon and more fruit extract is in it. All that help moisturize your face (If you choose the Bunny Mist for oily skin ingredients like pineapple, lemon, and cabbage will be in it)

First impression

Pocket Bunny is very popular both in Korea and outside of Korea. The cute bunny is the reason. Admit it. If you want to pick this product up what kind of thoughts will run through your head? You will definitely be more attracted to the adorable packaging than what's inside. There are plenty of mists out on the market to choose from, but non as cute as this one. People seeing you use your mist will also comment on how unbelievable adorable it is. I know a lot of people have commented on mine! 
The Pocket Bunny is 4,52 inches/11,5 cm tall and contains 60 ml/2.11 fl.oz moist with a sweet fruit smell to it.  The product is made to be carried around to moisturize you skin throughout the day and fits into your bag/purse.
If you use your Bunny Mist daily it should last around 3-5 months depending on how dry your face is. 

How to use

If your face feels dry then mist over face with a distant of 11,8 inches/30 cm. You can use it several times throughout the day. 

Price and quality

The pocket bunny goes between 9-16$ pr. bottle. I bought it for 10 dollars. From my experience with korean products I find this mist a bit expensive, of course by comparing it to other korean products sold to countries outside of Korea from online stores. As for the quality, the Pocket Bunny is obviously made of plastic with the brands logo on the front just right under it's pink bow tie.  The head comes off not easily and nor with to much force and the drawing is well made as well. Perfect. The mist itself is a little thicker than water and exactly how the consistency of a mist should be. Using it is easy and your entire face will get a proper amount of mist with the correct distance (approximately 11,8 inches/30 cm) when applied and dries onto your face within 1-2 minutes.

Overall thoughts

The Pocket Bunny Moist Mist is made to provide a moist feeling onto your face as well as help your make up stay in place all day. It is supposedly made to control the oil in your face. I personally didn't find this mist working well enough for my dry skin and my skin isn't super dry at all, yet I find it working perfectly for people with a combined skin. This product will definitely be loved more by people with that skin type. The mist, however, did make my BB cream stay in place and therefore works as a good primer better than Benefit's "that gal".
The big plus Pocket Bunny #1 has beside the gorgeous design is that you can refill the bottle when the liquid is used up. You don't see a lot of brands permitting you to do so and I thank TONYMOLY for that!

The conclusion is that Pocket Bunny Moist Mist is cute but fails to live up to it's purpose.  Better mists can easily be found on the market today.


I recommend this product only if you are looking for a cute and effective container for your own mist. Pocket bunny fails as a  mist for people with dry skin but wins for people with combined skin. Still it's a pretty decent primer. I give Pocket Bunny Moist Mist  3/6 butterflies.

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