Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Hello Holika Chic Blusher #1 (Nia)

General information 

Hello Holika Chic blusher is a "new" make up item from Holika Holika, which according to their korean website is listed as a "hit" on their main page. This blusher and highlighter comes in two different colours #1 and #2. The first mentioned is called "Breeze kitten" and the second "Twinklin kitten". I have decided to purchase #1.

First impression 

Just look at that packaging .. do I need to say more? Super cute right? 
The packaging protecting Hello Holika has the colour gold with a kitten on it equivalent to the kitten in the Chic blusher. The size of the blusher is 10g and approximately 2.48x2.48 inches/6,3x6,3 cm. It's not too big nor too small and therefor fits in my palm perfectly. I Usually don't use my blusher's mirror because they are often made too small, however, i find this mirror at a perfect size. The outer colours seem cute and bright. The pattern is very beautiful. The "Holika Holika" is printed in the white shade, while stars and circles are printed on the light purple colour. To me this put a little "magic" feeling over the atmosphere where the cat is. The light pink colour has patterns printed on it as well. To me it looks like the colours altogether resembles a windy day leaving the cat a little unhappy or maybe scared. Even though everything looks beautiful the cat itself stand out really well. Your eyes will notice the cat as the first thing when you open up your blusher. This is definitely the most beautiful blusher I have seen and owned making me curious about how their "Midnight Owl" will look like in real life. Holika Holika's hard work on the design hasn't been in vein because it's simply gorgeous.  
The thing that you should notice with this blusher, however, is that everything is written in hangul. By searching online the info needed on how to use this item can be found.

How to use

The instruction on how to use this lovely looking blusher is explained on Holika Holika's site:
  • If you want to achieve a lively coral look, then touch your blusher to the right. 
  • If you want to achieve love cheeks, then lightly touch the cat's face.
  • If you want to achieve a "mistic"pink blusher, then brush the exterior area. 
I recommend using a large angled contour brush with Hello Holika. I prefer my sigma in this case more than my mac. 


Like the swatches shows 1 and 2 are more fit as highlighters while the rest goes as a blusher. Due to the colour placement you can follow Holika's instruction and achieve one of the three mentioned looks easily. In my case I find this blusher more pigmentet than most of the other ones that I have owned before.

Price and quality

The price of Hello Holika Chic Blusher #1 or #2 goes around 19-25 dollars on most sites. I payed 24$. The price is a lot lower in Korea, however, for us who can't buy the item there, it is a very fair price if not cheap as you get a two in one.  The quality is very high like other european/american products and it stays on for many many hours. For me it lasted an entire day. As for the blusher's consistency it's neither dry or creamy but just perfect.  A light touch with your brush will pick up a lot of colour without destroying your Hello Holika. I estimate this product to last   between 6 and 8 months at if you use it daily. 


This product works perfectly on all skin types.

Overall thoughts

The Chic Blusher is both a blusher and highlighter.  Due to the design Holika Holika made, it gives you the ability to use the blusher and highlighter separately or together. If you are looking for a strong blusher then this is not the item for you. It works better on people with a light or medium skin tone since this product was made for korean people and therefor fits people with their skin tone the best. If you are a little darker just use a little more product and you will be perfectly fine
Hello Holika contains shimmer however, at a perfect level as well. The product has a fragrance added to it. I truly hate products with smell, but this blusher smells wonderful!  In fact I used the product on 5 people, and the first thing all of them said was "this smells so good!


I Highly recommend this product. The only complaint I can make is that no applicator is included which is why I give this product 5/6 butterflies.

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