Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: benefit "that gal" (Nia)

General information

You probably know this product very very well. It's the popular "that gal", a brightening face primer from the american cosmetic company benefit.  Tia who owns several products by them introduced Benefit to me. I made some research to make a safe first-purchase and thus ended up buying "that gal" after hearing/reading tons of great reviews.  The
weird part is that Sushki had just purchased the exact same item. If I knew I wouldn't have brought mine.

When doing this review I didn't only use "that gal" on people with different skintypes and skintones, I also went to Sushki to hear her opinion about this item. All to achieve a correct rating of this product.

* It's to be noted that reviews from other benefit products will be written by Sushki only. She has more experience than me with this company and loves benefit a lot.

First impression

benefit is known for their fancy/quirky packaging. Each package has a colourful and unique design to it which expresses the purpose of the product itself and it's definitely one of the reasons benefit is loved so much. The primer is 3,9 inches/10 cm and contains 11ml/0,37 fl. oz. Under the main cab there is a small transparent one meant to avoid bacteria from entering your product and/or any remaining cream on the top from going out.  This way everything stays clean. The cream itself smells of chewing gum with strawberry taste and has a pink colour. The cream's consistency is light and blends out well My first impression of "that gal" is very good.

How to use

According to the instructions you can use "that gal" alone or with make up for a smoother make up application. You can pat it on during the day to re-brighten your complexion. 

This thing doesn't only look like a glue stick but also works as one. You twist the base until you see the primer distributed on the top. With your fingers you apply it on your face in an even upward motion. 

Price and quality

The price of benefit's "that gal" varies a lot depending on whether you live in US or Europe. It goes from 28+ dollars usually. I purchased mine for 34$(22 pounds) from the british site lookfantastic. If you live in Europe you probably can't get it much cheaper than that. As for the quality the entire packaging and everything is good. The cream feels lovely, blends out well and smells good, but this thing does not work as a face brightener at all. It's a total ripoff. I tried it several times and couldn't see a difference on myself at all so I thought I would do an experiment on people with different skintypes and skintones. I took a person, covered half of their face with  "that gal" and asked them to approach others to see if anyone could see the difference. After several attempts without luck I changed my experiment a little by telling them to directly ask those they approach if they could see a difference, and you know what? they didn't! Only one person succeeded and it took her  a whole minute, thus it makes this brightening primer a total fail. The other reason why it's a fail is that it only lasts for 20-25 applications. The only thing I see "that gal" good at is leaving your skin soft just like a perfect moisturizer would, but this thing is not a moisturizer and should never serve as one unless you wanna destroy your skin and speed up your aging process. 



Overall thoughts

benefit's "that gal" looks pretty. The glue stick idea is really creative. The primer smells, looks and feels well, however, this thing does not work at all. "that gal" helps you achieve a smoother make up application because it indeed gives you moist, but that should not be a problem if you already have a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer fit for you should give you everything your skin needs so you can apply your make up with no problems at all. If your daily cream gives you moist enough and your foundation still doesn't blend onto your skin smoothly, then your foundation is simply too dry for you and you need to change it. The other purpose "that gal" has is brightening up your face. I am very pale so I thought something was wrong with my skin, but my experiment proved it was the product's faultSushki who owns the exact same item agreed with me. She could not see any difference at all but a super light "something" and non of her friends noticed any difference either. 
My conclusion is that even though benefit makes good cosmetic products, then "that gal" is a huge fail. If you seek a good moisturizer I recommend Ole Henriksen's "sheer transformation" (28 ml/1 fl. oz). He is the danish version of Korea's SKIN FOOD. Ole's "sheer" really brings back you skin's natural glow. It's pricy but one package last a hole year. As for "that gal" it will go into my basket of stuff i regret buying. 


I highly do not recommend this product . "that gal" is a pretty looking useless pricy brightening face primer. I give this product 2/6 butterflies.


  1. I heard good reviews about this product as well but it was not working for me. What primer do you recommend? I do not buy anything online so can you recommend something for me that can be purchased in the stores around me?

    1. sorry for the late reply! I missed ur comment ;(
      Also are you looking for a face primer or eye?
      For eyes def. go for Urban Decay Primer Portion as for face I wouldn't like to recommend anything as of so far because I havn't found the perfect one yet.